Harry Styles Secretly Fathered Baby Daughter – One Direction Star a Dad – Report

Harry Styles Secretly Fathered Baby Daughter - One Direction Star a Dad - Report

According to recent tabloid rumors, Harry Styles has secretly fathered a baby daughter. Although the public will be inclined to dismiss as a rumor, what are the chances of him actually having a baby girl? He definitely gets around to his fair share of women, and any number of those woman might have gotten pregnant if they didn’t use proper preventative measures. It’s even possible that Harry might have fathered a child that he doesn’t even know about it, although I’m guessing that the hypothetical mother would reach out to him for child support.

Anyway, the cover of Australian tabloid NW Magazine suggests that Harry is a father, but their credibility is gone when they show a picture of Harry with an adorable baby girl. See, that baby girl is NOT Harry’s daughter, but rather, the daughter of his good friends Lou Teasdale [his hairstylist] and Tom Atkin.

Perhaps the magazine was just trying to make a statement, but I think that if Harry had secretly fathered a daughter, that news would have leaked to a major tabloid by now. I don’t see any situation where Harry’s secret baby mama manages to keep their child a secret. Even if she stays quiet, her friends are bound to talk. Plus, Harry might be young and immature, but I’d like to think that he would want to spend time with his child. In that case, wouldn’t someone have figured out if he was sneaking off from band practice or taking a break from his non-stop partying to go visit a baby girl often?

In the end, while I believe that Harry could have fathered a child, I just don’t think there’s enough proof to back up NW’s allegations.

  • Harry isnt a dad you idiots

    Can you like not? That’s lux their stylists daughter. Harrys not a dad.