Harry Styles Clashing With One Direction Bandmates: Wants “Edgier” Music – Report

Harry Styles Clashing With One Direction Bandmates: Wants "Edgier" Music - Report

A new report from the Daily Star claims that Harry Styles is feuding with the rest of his One Direction bandmates over the direction of their music. Considering that the Daily Star is actually a step below most tabloids, I would take this report with an small grain of salt.

The Daily Star claims, “The pop hunk is clashing with other group members because he wants to transform their sound after the summer sell-out tour to make them ‘cooler.’ Harry wants the group to write more of their own songs and ditch their high profile songwriting team.” Apparently, Harry thinks that they should be more ambitious with their careers, and start taking charge, writing and creating their own music. Also, he supposedly wants to make their next album ‘edgier’ and more ‘rock n’ roll.

However, his band mates are supposedly not impressed with his ideas, and don’t really want to take the risk of Harry’s idea failing. The source also adds, “The problem is the rest of the band fear if Harry starts changing their style he’s going to take over the whole thing.”

You know, One Direction has enough fans that they could easily write their own music and still be successful. Yes, they have a very clear brand image, and their music is very specifically tailored to their fan base. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t take a chance and think outside the box. Right now, they have a shelf life if they continue the way they’ve been going so far. Sooner or later, their fans will grow up and get over them, as they do with all boy bands. However, if they establish themselves as a band that’s willing to be versatile and creative, and take charge of their own careers, they may have a chance of lasting for longer. Of course, it’s still likely that they’ll split up within the next five years, and smart money’s on Harry going on to become the next big solo act in the music world.

  • Heather

    Their new cd is edgier than there last 2 by far.