Kristen Stewart Dating Nicholas Hoult: Stolen From Jennifer Lawrence – Rumors that ‘Twilight’ Home-wrecker KStew Jealous of J-Law’s Success

Kristen Stewart Dating Nicholas Hoult: Stolen From Jennifer Lawrence – Rumors that 'Twilight' Home-wrecker KStew Jealous of J-Law’s Success

Kristen Stewart has a horrible reputation in Hollywood, after simultaneously destroying Rob Pattinson’s heart and Rupert Sanders’ marriage, no woman in their right mind will let their boyfriend or hubby anywhere near Stewart. So, no one is exactly surprised that Kristen Stewart has sunk her claws in to Jennifer Lawrence’s on-again off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. In fact, some people are even convinced that Kristen Stewart is to blame for the super couple’s latest break-up. Of course Chris Martin LOVES KStew since now he gets to have some fun AND show Gwyneth Paltrow that she isn’t so hot anymore.

The August 25th edition of OK! Magazine claims, “It’s been only a few weeks since Jennifer Lawrence broke it off with Nicholas Hoult, but Kristen moves fast! Kristen, 24, who stars as Nicholas’s lover in their upcoming film Equals is making her move. She and Nick have been hitting the town together in Tokyo, where the movie is filming, and have already shared an intimate sushi dinner.” A source told OK! that, “K-Stew is sweet on Nick. This is so low-class from Jennifer’s point of view. As far as she’s concerned, she and Nicholas are just on a break.”

So, Kristen Stewart strikes again. Once a home-wrecker, always a home-wrecker. It sounds like Jennifer and Nicholas would be back on again, if Kristen hadn’t intervened. Since Jennifer Lawrence rose to her Hunger Games fame, rumors circulated through Hollywood that Kristen envied Jennifer’s celebrity status, seeing as how The Hunger Games superseded the Twilight franchise. So, perhaps Kristen’s new infatuation with Nicholas is simply because she wanted what Jennifer Lawrence had.

What do you think about Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult hooking up? Do you think if Kristen had stayed in her lane Nicholas and Jennifer would be back together by now and Chris Martin would be looking for other victims? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Susi

    The way your showing your hate for Krin asten in this orrible, nasty and immature article, is absolutely incredible! Your are not just saying what you are feeling…you want ppl to feel the same! What Kristen did to you, for you to be such a hateful person..I would like to know how is so simple for you to lie like that…so much bs.
    Shame on you and to the rest of the crew!

  • terrie

    What is wrong with you? what a bunch of crap!!!!!!!

  • Arlet Rojas

    I think nicholas and Kristen should totally date.. I mean it’s about time that kristen gets a new bf instead of being stuck with the same guy (RPatz) Jennifer and Nicholas broke up days ago??..She doesn’t need to worry about that. nicholas can date Kris and they both look happy with each other(: <3 Geesh Lawrence?!?? leave kristen alone and let her be happy?!! xP

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  • elsie

    kristen stewart will always be a whore.