Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Speaks

“I’m out here for my child [Lindsay] but it’s a really, really scary place for these kids out here, and a lot goes on, and I needed to come see for myself this whole scene,” Dina told Star‘s David Caplan. “Obviously, we’re here for Ali, as well, and just for support; family support. But she [Lindsay] is my child, and I’m here to make sure she’s OK, and everything, and going in the right direction.” Dina adds, “I’m here for support and reassurance that we’re here for her, and no one’s going away, no one’s going to leave her. I’m here to support her and keep an eye on this situation closely”

And Dina, plans on being in Los Angeles a lot more, as Lindsay begins shooting a film soon. “She does start a film December 11, Know Who Killed Me; it’s kind of a psychological thriller, a heavy-duty film, she’s the lead,” Dina tells Star. “So I’ll be back as much as I physically can with taking my little ones out of school, which I’m not a big fan of. Ali and Dakota are here. But she [Lindsay] needs her family out here, and her little brother and sister, and myself. As a single parent, it’s hard to juggle but I’ll be back and forth as much as I can.”

Lindsay Lohan leaving the Orso restaurant (12/5/6)

The filming of her upcoming movie will be good for Lindsay, Dina tells Star: “You know, Lindsay loves to work, so when she’s on a movie set, you know, when she’s not working, and you’re twenty, what do you do? It’s like when you’re not in college, you come home, you meet your friends, you go out. So on-set, I think it’s a lot more structure and it’ll be better for her. She loves to work. She just loves this business and she’s so talented. She got GQ Woman of the Year award last night.”

As for Lindsay’s current overall mental and physical state, Dina says, “She’s OK. She’s good. She’s great. She actually baby-sat Ali and Cody and took them to the hair salon. Ali was washing everyone’s hair.”

Concerned mom Dina also says, “I wish she would move back to New York ? You can print that! I want her out of here. The weather’s beautiful. But these kids, it’s just a dangerous place. It just seems here, in this business, it’s intensified here.”

As for why Lindsay and Dina went out together to a nightclub, Dina says, Lindsay wanted her mom around for support and to see what the L.A. nightclub scene is like. “She needed me to see what she sees everyday ? her world.”


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