More on Lindsay Lohan in Rehab

Shortly after Lindsay’s statement was released, her manager-mom Dina told “I’m so proud of her. She’s really in a good place right now, spiritually and mentally. She’s in an amazing, phenomenal place. She’s 20 and she’s solid, and she’s doing what she needs to do. I don?t know that many people who are that secure. It’s all about her, and getting back on track. She’s fine ? she?s amazingly fine.”

A source tells that
Lindsay checked herself into rehab after an intervention with her family and executives from the movie she?s working on, I Know Who Killed Me. ?The movie executives said they had a major issue with getting her insured for the film and threatened to sue her for between for between $3 million and $5 million for the delays her constant absences were causing on the set,? the source tells. ?Lindsay?s family and other people she works with sat down with her last night and convinced her she had to go into rehab to save herself professionally and personally. She couldn?t afford to have another letter come out about how she was being unprofessional and missing work on the set.?

Lindsay has been in a rapid decline, health-wise, since leaving the hospital on January 5, after having her appendix removed, adds the source. ?She left the hospital with several painkillers on her; that was her downfall — she was using the painkillers and continuing to go out and drink. She woke up each morning exhausted and feeling sicker than ever.?

The source adds that the rehab facility where Lohan is staying — the $1,750 per day Wonderland Center in Laurel Canyon, just outside downtown LA — will allow Lindsay to continue working on her movie during the day. She will check into the facility but will be allowed to leave during the day, and will return to the rehab clinic in the evenings and on the weekend. source

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