Patrick Ribbsaeter Interviews Joe the Designer of “Krane”

The time has finally come, our first post with Patrick Ribbsaeter! If you remember back we mentioned he would be joining Celebrity Dirty Laundry to bring our viewers insider info on the fashion world, Modeling and more.

If anyone is qualified to do so it is Patrick! He has modeled for the biggest designer houses. To name a few, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dior, Gaultier, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith. He has also appeared in many phone and luxury car commercials. He also owns his own modeling agency in Mumbai and an agent for over 70 models around the world. Patrick is one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet.

His mother tongue is Swedish, yet he speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, with some German and Thai. He accent is great! We know you will fall in love with him!

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First I would like to say thank to Celebrity Dirty Laundry for creating and giving me this rare opportunity having my own column on their website!Sorry, if my explanations aren’t the best, but hey no excuse I’m a model right!

My first Interview will go to my very good designer friend, Joe! He just launched his own brand called “Krane” in Bangkok Thailand, September 12, 2007. I have known Joe for about 4-5 years, since my first days in Bangkok, Thailand! It truly feels great seeing friends grow and expanding their dreams and visions. I’m forever thankful that Joe has given me this rare opportunity to interview him.

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Ok, Let’s start the interview.I called Joe late Saturday night, to set up the meeting with him for the coming week. We decided set up our appointment for Tuesday afternoon, which turned out to be evening time because I ran late with my other business meetings. I waited for Joe to show up at Starbucks coffee shop at Siam Paragon Bangkok, Thailland. Located in the heart of Bangkok, Siam Paragon is the first mega shopping complex in Thailand, offering a magnificent and elegant shopping experience as it houses various world-class international brands and flagship stores of the most prestigious hi-end brands; truly a shopping paradise for brand name lovers. The slogan of Siam Paragon is “the Pride of Bangkok”.This is where Joe has had his own clothing line showcased since May 2007. It was Siam Paragon who recognized his talent, unique style and approached Joe about putting out his clothes in their department store area called “Dress code” on the first floor in Siam Paragon.

Waiting for Joe at Starbucks Siam Paragon, gave me time to think of the questions I was going to ask him. Since this is my first really important interview, I wanted it to be good. 30 minutes before Joe came. I had been jotting down a whole bunch of questions to ask him. I was nervous to be honest..Joe, arrived 10 minutes before we where supposed to meet. I was smart to show up early! Points to me! Fresh from the gym, Joe was ready to talk business and show the world what he has in the pipeline.

During, 2001 to 2002 Joe started teaching fashion design in Chiangma (Thailand). He showed and took the students around to different locations in Bangkok. Some of those places was his family?s business where they produce night wear and distribute to other countries like England and America, as well as having their own shop in Central Bangkok area and some of the leading department stores. The students got the chance to learn all the technical part behind the fashion industry. Which is a very important tool to understand becoming a great fashion designer.

Joe also took his students behind the scenes in Bangkok and gave them a chance to see backstage of real Fashion Shows etc. Which many of these students don’t have access in their daily life unfortunately. For Joe this was a way to educate his students as well give back to the community.

After one year of teaching, Joe’s father got sick and he stopped teaching to help out with the family business. Joe helped out his family for five years. After two years, Joe knew that he wanted to start his own brand though. So, in 2007, he decided to start KRANE. This was not the first time Joe decided to start a collection. He had tried to in 2005, but never took the collection to its full potential.

Joe knew the Thai mark very well, in his opinion and he found much of the clothes on the market were all the same – Complicated design cuts and trying to hard. Joe decided to take a different direction. “Krane” is more about practicality, wearable, neat and what you can wear in everyday life, yet still look very stylish.

So, far the industry has embraced his uniques sense of design because of the diversity he brings in the clothes and style. His inspiration came from everything, everywhere, people, celebrities and to clothes he would like to wear. “Krane” is for people that imaginative and everyday clothes that they can’t find anywhere else.

  • What does it take to be a top Designer?

Joe: Its not just about being a fashion designer, people are interested to see what you have to offer the fashion industry and will judge the designers work by that?. Thailand has many very good and talented designers, but to build your brand and to outshine the others, the designer needs to be very clear and focus on his/hers designs for people to see and then
get them to buy it.

  • What about the “Krane” fashion show that took place at MET BAR?

I went to the fashion show! The Met Bar is best described as a posh, but concept-wise quite ordinary hotel club (Metropolitan Hotel), which is popular among models and the noveau rich. It’s difficult to get inside and if you are
not wealthy or a VIP, you need a membership card.

Joe decided to have his fashion show there because Met bar organizes an event called “fashion Series”. Every month Met bar hosts an event, with one very selected designer to show case his/her clothing line. The manager of Met Bar K Num introduced and approached Joe for the second series and wanted him to be part in the event.

The preparation for the Fashion show was straight forward. The choice of models was very good in my opinion. There was a good set of male models walking down the catwalk. They all where mixed, different heights, good looks and very versatile. Excellent choice of models for the right set of clothes.

Before the show, Joe had been introduced by a friend to a popular bag designer from Denmark, Rene. Joe showcased this designer bags with “Krane”. The bags are handmade and being produced in Bangkok. Joe tells me, that there might be a potential collaboration between the two. More news to come later…

The fashion show at Met Bar was coordinated with Joe’s good friend and top Fashion Stylist, Konti from Thailand. He was glad because to have him there because it helped having another opinion.

Joe received a great response from friends and important members of the fashion industry. He has already gotten a couple of requests for his pieces.

  • Will Joe launch a women’s line any time soon?

At this time, Joe is only focusing on menswear, but he definitely planning to do a womenswear line in the very near future.

  • What type of People wear “Krane”?

People who wear “Krane” appreciate small details in clothing and thinks about the way they carry themselves. Age doesn’t matter as long as he knows how to dress well mix and match his style.

  • Is “Krane” Affordable?

Joe believes that the tailoring is affordable and wants clients to be able to wear he brand often. People should be able to change their wardrobe once in a while without costing a leg and a foot.

  • What does the future hold?

Joe wants to launch his first Flagship store in Bangkok where he will carry a full range of merchandise and a womenswear line.

Joe has also teamed up with four leading other top designers in Bangkok from different backgrounds in industry to launch another line. Together, they are currently collaborating with a major company in Thailand to launch this new menswear early next year.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you all the name of the company! It’s still a secret, awaiting to be revealed!

  • Where does Joe see “Krane” 3 years from now?

He would like to get in touch with International buyers to expand his brand and sell all over Asia (Hong-Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines) His dream is to have a flagship store for Male and female clothing in the future.

Joe finished the interview by saying… “I dont know if I will live in Thailand for ever, Life changes… We ‘never’… *SMILE*.” Joe credits his Family, his partner, dear friends, and his team who have helped him make the dream and vision possible.

I would like to thank him for letting me interview him for the hottest gossip website on the net and the unique UNIVERSAL PLAYER (me)!



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