Jon Gosselin “I Don’t Trust Kate Anymore”

Jon Gosselin trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame slams his wife Kate again.   In Jon’s Good Morning American interview which airs today (Tuesday Sept 8th, 2009) it was Katie’s "constant verbal abuse" that ended their marriage.  Jon says "Our relationship will never be fixed," he said. "I don’t trust her anymore. I was abused. I was beaten down. I’m not going back to that life style."

Jon also critised Kate who he says ended the marriage about spinning a different story to the media.  Jon says he suggested trying therapy to fix their marriage but Kate refused to go.

Jon just wants to let the world know that he is a real person with feelings, a person who has made mistakes.  He admits it wasn’t the best idea to go out to the clubs nor was his behavior of late. He says he has learned from his mistakes.  The problem is all his mistakes are public.

So what is this honesty? or just someone trying to spin a better image? 

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2 responses to “Jon Gosselin “I Don’t Trust Kate Anymore””

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  2. captain america says:

    agree, BUT NEITHER HIS PERSON, folks!!