New Beatles Product Great, If You Can Afford It!

The Beatles’ remastered catalog and a dazzling coffee-table "Box of Vision" hits the market Wednesday.  Fans have been waiting for it to be released for months and a lot will purchase it.  But, at the price most people are going to have to think twice about purchasing it.  The "Box of Vision" is an $89.98 package but it does not contain any CD’s only artwork and places to store CD’s. 

If you want the want the cleaned up master recordings you can buy the box set for $259.98.  Also on sale is a $298.98 box of mono mixes for each album through the "White Album"; after that the music was only released in stereo.  So all in all an expensive purchase if you decided to make it – The Beatle music always sounded great and if you don’t have a state of the art music system I wonder if you will really hear the difference?

  • captain america

    in the homes for the elderly are can still a few fans to be found…………….

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