Ron Livingston the Mooch is Suing Wikipedia Because An Unknown

First of all, did anyone tell Ron that its okay to be gay these days – especially in Hollywood?   In fact who cares if Ron is gay or not – except, perhaps, his wife Rosemarie Dewitt of ‘Standoff.’ It seem the hacker breaks into Wikipedia and says that Ron is gay – the hacker operates a coordinated attack in the sense that he/she also sets up a gay facebook relationship between Ron and other men. Well I suppose suing the unknown is sort of like suing the dead – but one thing for sure is that Ron Livingston is way too sensitive about all this – and I think that where there is smoke there is fire.   Why does he care so much about being called gay?   Its like who cares?

In any case it will be interesting to see how the courts handle Wikipedia’s responsibility here.   If someone writes nasty graffiti on my wall without my permission am I responsible?   If Wikipedia takes reasonable care to prevent intruders but they get in anyway then it seems wrong to allow them to be sued. This could lead to the closure of all on line information sources.   Photo: Fame Pictures