Tom Cruise Has Worst Week Ever

Pop Eater is reporting that Tom Cruise probably didn’t get a memo warning him this week was going to suck.   So Pop Eater says his head is probably still spinning from all the abuse being heaped on him from every angle.

First Pop Eater says that Tom Cruise inspired Christian Bale’s sociopath killer in ‘American Psycho.’ Then blast from the past Bronson Pinchot, who starred with Cruise in the eighties classic ‘Risky Business’, spilled the fact that two decades ago Tom was "the biggest bore on the face of the planet" who made "constant homophobic comments" on set.  And then Alec Baldwin had to go calling Tom out at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, telling him to take a $29 million pay cut in order to even up the pay-scale between men and women in Hollywood.  To read more about Tom’s bad week visit Pop Eater  Photo: Flynet Pictures