Arrest Warrant Issued For Michael Lohan

Can this guy get any worse?  An arrest warrent was issued for douchbag Michael Lohan last Thursday.  Apparently Michael fathered another child he can screw up with an unknown women who is fighting him for child support payments.  Ewww who would admit they slept with this low life and furthermore who would want their child to know that he is their father?  Not me!  The warrent was issued but a  judge in Suffolk County, NY.  Of course Michael claims he does not know what it is for.

TMZ reports:

We’ve confirmed it stems from a child support case in Montana — where a woman sued Michael claiming he’s her baby daddy … and won an uncontested judgment because Michael never opposed the claim.    Michael tells us he made the first payment … but was a day late on the second … so that’s why he thinks the warrant was issued (he didn’t know about the warrant when we talked to him).  For the record — Michael claims everything will be okay when the payment is processed.

I wonder what is up with this?  A couple of months ago he was ranting to anyone who would listen that this child was not his and now he is paying child support.  ughhh when is this guy going to just go away?