Dina Lohan Says She DID Not Tell Lindsay To Refuse A Breathalyzer Test

Dina Lohan Says She DID Not Tell Lindsay To Refuse A Breathalyzer

It was reported yesteday that  it  was  Dina Lohan who Lindsay Lohan to refuse the breathalyzer test saying ‘nobody can force you to take a breathalyzer test.”   However, Dina is fighting back and says Dawn Holland a former Betty Ford Centre employee is telling a big fat LIE.  Dawn was the person who said Dina told Lindsay on the phone not to take the test.  Dina claims she was only try to comfort Lindsay after her terrible treatement by Dawn.

TMZ further reports: Dina adds, “I stand behind my daughter 100% … the whole thing with the woman is a little sketchy.”

And finally, Dina has praise for Betty Ford:  “With all the fabulous employees they have, it’s unfortunate that someone with this kind of background gets through.  I stand behind Betty Ford.  It is such a fabulous facility.  They have been nothing but great.  They really helped my daughter and changed my life, too.”

Dina Lohan is such an enabler – she is clearly part of the problem and not the solution.   Of course Dina loves the Betty Ford Centre they let Lindsay got out and drink and then fire the employee who calls her on it!  If Lindsay has any hope of getting her life together she needs to go to a real rehab and lose her parents.

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