Help Actress Amy Vitale Appear On Mad Men!

Celebrity Dirty Laundry viewers have followed this young actress career over the past year and now Amy Vitale hopes to appear on AMC Television’s hit series “Mad Men.”  Her  chances depend on you; all it takes is a second to vote, and you could help Vitale’s wish into a reality.
Vitale is looking to fill a walk on role in AMC’s hit television series “Mad Men.”  Vitale is eager for the chance to be one of the ten women chosen, and is grateful to all who vote for her.  The contest runs from July 21st to September 6, 2010.  Voting is easy, simply go to the official “Mad Men” website, and click Vitale’s link.  You can find her profile by clicking this link: HERE 

You won’t have to give your email, phone number, age or any other contact information to vote; all you have to do is click the red vote button. AMC Television allows only 1 vote per day from any one computer; so check back and vote each day.    In the past Vital has appeared on FOX News, The CW Network, and most notably “Playboy” Magazine in choosing “My Favorite Playmate.”
Vitale wants to show the world she can win this contest for “Mad Men” and appear on their hit television show.    If you’re having an American Idol voting withdraw, here’s your chance to get back in the game. Remember practice makes perfect!

So come on Celebrity Dirty Laundry viewers go show Amy our support and make sure you give her a vote!  xo Robyn