Jesse James Still Wearing His Wedding Ring [PHOTOS]

A glum looking Jesse James picks his daughter up from school before returning to his custom motorcycle shop, West Coast Choppers in Long Beach, CA on March 19, 2010 where the former Monster Garage reality star could be seen still wearing his wedding ring despite allegations of infidelity with tattoo model Michelle McGee, and wife Sandra Bullock allegedly already moved out of their house.  Maybe he is glum because he has gone from being Sandra Bullock’s honey to the most hate man in America ;-)  Photo: Fame Pictures

One response to “Jesse James Still Wearing His Wedding Ring [PHOTOS]”

  1. linda loveslace says:

    As Sandra will probably leave him (hope she has a good prenup to protect her interests) maybe he’ll tatoo her name in place of the wedding band?
    Btw I wonder if he realises that more than losing Sandra,friends and respect…he’s also given ammunition to his ex wives to get their children back from his custody.Infidelity,tattoed websex woman,unprotected sex in his garage nxt to his home,Nazi and White Power connotations of alleged mistress…boy are his ex wives breakdancing with all this news!