Adele Forced To Postpone Five Shows

Adele Forced To Postpone Five Shows

Uber talented and fantastically amazing (I don’t care if that’s not a real word) Adele, has been forced to postpone 5 shows due to laryngitis. Noooo!!!  The pop star is said to resume her show on June 4th in San Francisco. I guess not everyone is a superhero…

The singer was diagnosed last Thursday and posted an apology on her website: “I am truly devastated,” she wrote. “I’m here in the city and tried to do soundcheck at the venue but if I push through it tonight, it’ll take me longer to get better and more shows may need cancelling.”

From what I’ve heard here from my Toronto buddies, Adele’s concert here was absolutely amazing. I had one friend go as far as saying it was the best concert she’s ever been too. That is a huge statement friend. I’m terribly sad for Adele and her fans that expected a show, but I’m sure she’ll make it up to them.

In the mean time, even though her disc, 21, is number 1 in North America, Adele is apparently already working on its follow up. Although this pleases me to no end, enjoy your present success my sweet and don’t rush greatness!!  Adele did give a hint in saying, “the whole album will have quite a live feel to it”. Well do explain!!!! Feel better girl, take a break, a don’t push yourself to hard; we’ll always love ya!

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