Angelina Jolie Jealous Over Brad Pitt’s Assistant?

Angelina Jolie Jealous Over Brad Pitt's Assistant?

A couple of weeks ago, we told you of how Angelina Jolie went into a jealous rage over a pretty brunette that was working with Brad Pitt on the set of his new movie, World War Z. Now, we’ve learned that the mystery brunette in question might just actually be his assistant!

Brad is currently in London, filming the movie, while Angelina is in Los Angeles with Shiloh and Zahara. Angelina was said to have warned the woman to “stay away from Brad…or else!”

Brad tried his hand at calming her down and told her that she could trust him completely. That apparently wasn’t enough for her, because women throw themselves at him.

I guess that would be karma stepping in, wouldn’t it? Her jealousy comes from the fact that she stole Brad away from Jennifer Aniston during filming for Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Still, they have been together for years now, so if she can’t trust him, then what do they have? Nothing.

What do you think? Could Brad be falling for his assistant? She is young and pretty! Thoughts?

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  • Avalon

    It wouldnt surprise me,he probably did the nicky knock. I am Angelina lookalike and healthy and at least this girl has meat on her bones, she looks fun … i wouldnt just want to sleep with a bag of bones everynight as he is. The old her is gorgeous..the new well.. to stiff ,reserved anorexic and sad. Her best days are gone. The jealousy is real for her i am sure..gain a few lbs Ang. like 10 at least~