Brad Pitt Seeks Jennifer Aniston As Angelina Jolie Freaks Out

Brad Pitt Seeks Jennifer Anniston As Angelina Jolie Freaks Out

Could the supposedly perfect couple – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – be heading towards a fatal 7-year-itch problem? Is Brad showing signs of trying to scratch that itch?

The ‘dream’ couple have been together for 6 years and now Brad Pitt spent last week trying to persuade Jennifer Aniston to meet up with him in London while she was there with Justin Theroux.  Angelina Jolie took a fit when she found out.

‘Angie can’t believe how foolish Brad can be sometimes,’ reveals a source.  ‘She can’t imagine he really thought he’d be able to get away with meeting Jen in London – a city crawling with paparazzi – without anyone seeing.’  ‘They had an argument about it, but Angie’s exhausted and sick of fighting about Jen.’

While 36-year-old Angelina has told friends she knows there’s nothing going on between Brad, 47, and Jen, 42, she sure is behaving as if she is jealous and protective.

‘Brad says it’s no one else’s business if he’s friends with an ex,’ reveals the insider.  ‘But Angie keeps trying to explain how disrespectful it is to their relationship and their children.’

‘She knows if the media caught a whiff of Brad within a hundred feet of Jen it’d take the whole circus surrounding them back to the beginning, which she thinks would be hugely damaging for the kids.’

Frankly it would serve Angelina right if Brad starting stepping out with Jennifer. After all, they say ‘what goes around comes around.’

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