Casey Anthony Strolls Out Of Jail A Free Woman

Casey Anthony Strolls Out Of Jail A Free Woman

Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who was amazingly found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee, cleared of killing her was released from jail on Sunday.  Casey was escorted by guards as she strolled out free from the Orange County jail in Florida, where hundreds of protesters had gathered.

Earlier this month the 25 year old was acquitted of charges including first degree murder and aggravated manslaughter following a sensational trial in Orlando relating to the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Jurors found her guilty of lying to police and sentenced her to four years behind bars. She was released minutes after midnight on Sunday due to time already served.

Everybody except the jury seems certain that Casey murdered her daughter – it seems Caylee was getting in the way of her mom’s partying lifestyle. This is a really strange case since it seemed that all evidence pointed to Casey’s guilt and everyone thought her conviction would be easy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the end it’s a perverse reality, that the public is outraged that they once again have had the wool pulled from underneath them but the fact remains they are just as willing to patronize Ms Anthony, by now a widely vilified character as she now gets ready to have the last laugh with a soon to be overspilling bank account.

    Although one is left to wonder, had Ms Anthony been aware of the complete fallout of her actions assuming she was somehow involved in her daughter’s death whether she would do it all over again? Or furthermore has the vast sum of money she is ready to collect become a fair trade for the loss of her child, her innocence and probable hope that she will ever have a normal life devoid of fear, reprimand and hostility towards her? Time will tell or to be sure her book and movies will…