Casey Anthony’s Parents Vent On ‘Dr. Phil’

Casey Anthony's Parents Vent On 'Dr. Phil'

Murder mom, Casey Anthony’s parents know that she is guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee, as does everyone else in America. So imagine how George and Cindy Anthony must have felt having to listen to the Casey’s tricky legal team muddy the waters for the hapless jury by claiming that George molested Casey, his daughter.

Prying eyes and ears can watch ambulance chaser and arch phony Dr. Phil McGraw interview George and Cindy this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Casey’s parents claim that the interview on ‘Dr. Phil’ was ‘very cathartic’ for them – or so McGraw told NBC’s ‘Today’ show while he was drumming up publicity for the interview and explaining its delay from today due to the U.S. Open.  The parents must have received quite a payday as well.

The Anthony parents feel a ‘tremendous amount’ of anger toward the their daughter’s defense team, McGraw told Matt Lauer.

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“They had to sit there and listen to them say that George molested his daughter, which is why she learned to keep secrets,” McGraw told NBC. “That he coerced her into and helped hide the body. And that he confessed his involvement during an extramarital affair with a volunteer worker.”

In the interview you will grandma Cindy Anthony discuss going to MySpace to talk about her granddaughter being missing before she alerted authorities. Cindy Anthony claims: “I thought I knew where she was at – I thought Casey was purposely keeping Caylee away from me.”

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Until Casey Anthony confesses to the murder and tells all we will never know the truth – we sure won’t learn it watching Dr. Phil. Certainly the trial shed little or no light.

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