Casey Anthony’s Trial Cost $700,000 Just To Let Murder Mom Go

Casey Anthony's Trial Cost $700,000 Just To Let Murder Mom Go

Casey Anthony’s investigation costs and trial bills are being tallied and the total is close to $700,000 – and as we all know the money was spent for nothing.

Casey was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony in July, but she was found guilty of lying to law enforcement and may have to pay the state back for the cost of their investigations. I see interviews for Casey on the way… .
Meanwhile, as usual taxpayers are footing the bill and the accounting goes like this:

$293,123 – Orange County Sheriff’s Office – costs of criminal investigation from when Casey’s mom, Cindy Anthony reported Caylee missing to when her remains were found in December of that same year.

$186,903 – Jury expenses – selection, hotel, meals for 12 jurors and five alternate jurors for seven-week trial.

$91,000 – Prosecution expenses – expert witnesses, lab tests

$119,000 – Defense expenses – requested by Casey’s lawyer after she was declared indigent and unable to pay.

Grand total: $690,026

Result: Casey Anthony walked free.

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