Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Episode 7 Recap 10/31/11

Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Episode 7 Recap 10/31/11

Tonight is the seventh episode of Dancing With The Stars and it is an exciting Halloween-themed episode,  filled with thrilling performances from the remaining six couples. Each pair will light up the ballroom floor with killer costumes and an electrifying dance to some of Halloween’s favorite spooky tunes. Tonight each couple will do two dances: a team dance and their individual routine  If you missed the show last week catch our official recap here!  If you missed the results show last week read our official recap here! 

Later in the night the couples will return to the floor when Team Tango’s J.R & Karina, Nancy & Tristan and David & Kym, dancing to Rihanna’s “Disturbia,” battle Team Paso’s Ricki & Derek, Hope & Maksim and Rob & Cheryl, dancing to Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life.”

Below is a list of the dances and the songs for tonight’s performances:

David Arquette and Kym Johnson: Dancing a Cha Cha to the Steve Miller Band song Abracadabra.

Len said: Lots of tricks and lots of treats you turned yourself into a dancer.  Overall well done!  Bruno said:  David you got the prestige you are a natural at turning tricks, magic tricks.  Your top lines are good!  Carrie Ann said: your improvement is phenomenal.  Kim has reigned you in and  Kim has polished you, your hip action was great WOW.

Scores:   Carrie Ann, 8 Bruno said, 8  Len said, 8  TOTAL 24/30 + 23/30 = 47

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: Dancing a Tango to the theme from The Addams Family

Len said:  Well done, you did a terrific job, your foot work was great.  You did a fantastic job.  Well done.  Bruno said:  You are the master of the house, you never have been so manly and in charge,  you were really leading.  One thing you have to keep your bum under control.  But good job!  Carrie Ann:  My favorite part is how you started dancing with Morticia Adams and you ended up dancing with It.  Rob this is your best dance so far.  Great!

Scores: Carrie Ann, 9 Bruno said, 8 Len said, 8 TOTAL 25/30 = 26/30  = 51

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus: A Jive to the Charlie Daniels Band song Devil Went Down to Georgia

Carrie Ann said:  Well we have our good days and not so good days, this week was not so good.  I watch you, you ar having the time of your life but you lost your choreography.  Len said:  There are certain dances that suit you and certain that don’t.  This was not a good dance for you, the kicks were not sharp.  It was a disappointment.  Bruno said: Either the devil got you or your shoes are too small.  You are devilish but the footing was devilish as well.

Scores:   Carrie Ann, 7 Bruno said, 7  Len said, 7  TOTAL 21/30 + 23/30 = 44

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmervkoskiy: Dancing a samba to the Warren Zevon song Werewolves

Carrie Ann said:  It is so nice to see, what is so great about it you have brightness coming out and it was so fun.  There is a new found ease of motion.  Len said:  The Samba can be the celebrity graveyard, I must say you coped well with a difficult dance.  May I say well done.  Bruno said:  You were running away from the big bad wolf.  Better timing, better placement and better finish.  You should be proud.

Scores:   Carrie Ann, 8 Bruno said, 8  Len said, 8  TOTAL 24/30  = 26/50  = 50

JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff:  Dancing a tango to the Ray Parker, Jr. song Ghostbusters

Bruno said  bewitched and conquered.  I was swept away by the ghostly beauty.  Another fantastic performance.  You  lost the timing a few times.  It was incredibly  difficult.  Carrie Ann said – a little slip, you captured the tone of the piece perfect it was upbeat but still sharp and well done performance.  Len said: For me this performance was sub-standard from what I expect from you Jr. It is your own fault the last three weeks you set such a high standard for yourself.  This is the easiest dance to do and you concentrated too much on the razzamatazz  and forgot your feet.

Scores:   Carrie Ann, 9 Bruno said, 8  Len said, 8  TOTAL 25/30  + 23/30 = 48

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: A paso doble with a “Little Red Riding Hood” theme to the Beyonce song Sweet Dreams

Bruno said:  It was like a blizzard of passion and fear.  Another incredible performance. A bit of a problem with your shoulders, but I suspect it was your injury. Carrie Ann said: your shaping is so gorgeous and the transition from movement to non movement is beautiful.  You have to watch your shoulders but other than that perfect.   Len said:  the shapes you made were fantastic, lovely.  Your footwork was precise and perfect.  I loved it, lovely!

Scores:   Carrie Ann, 9 Bruno said, 9  Len said, 9  TOTAL 27/30  + 26/30  = 53

TEAM DANCES – which are added to individual dances.

Team Tango’s J.R & Karina, Nancy & Tristan and David & Kym, dancing to Rihanna’s “Disturbia,”

Len said: I felt the tension when you danced as a group and it was a great. Each one of the individual performances was a total disaster. Bruno said: I have to agree with Len once you left the group and started to dance individually everything broke up. It is a full night, and overall everyone did well. Carrie Ann said: you started off great but when you went into partners and duets it all went wrong. It was overall very nice.

Scores: Carrie Ann, 8 Bruno said, 8 Len said, 7 TOTAL 23/30

Team Paso’s Ricki & Derek, Hope & Maksim and Rob & Cheryl, dancing to Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life.”

Bruno said: It was moody, dramatic building to a fantastic ended.  Everyone went for it.  It was absolutely amazing.  Carrie Ann said:  It was amazing, poetic, powerful and in sync.  Everything was there and everything was in place.  Len said:  the individual was fantastic.  A really good job, it was fantastic!

Scores: Carrie Ann, 9 Bruno said, 9 Len said, 8 TOTAL 26/30

Stop by to see us tomorrow to see who gets sent home.  Who are you hoping will be eliminated?