Jessica Simpson Is A Good Tipper

Jessica Simpson Is A Good Tipper

Since we know that Jessica Simpson has oodles of dough to throw around ($700 million!), it’s good to also know that she’s a really good tipper. That’s good news for anyone taking her order!

Someone’s been in a good mood since getting engaged!

According to reports, Jess paid the $500 bill and left her waitress a 60 percent tip! Nice! She left the waitress $300 on the bill and also wrote a note for her server. It said, “You were amazing and make this world a better place, Love Jess.”

The source also makes it a point to mention that Jessica ordered Scott so no one would start speculating that she’s pregnant again. Ha.

  • anonymous

    So no one would think she is pregnant again or she needs her liquor either way if she is pregnant.