Justin Bieber Gets Eggs Thrown At Him – Video

Justin Bieber Gets Eggs Thrown At Him - Video

Justin Bieber is on his world tour and on the Sydney, Australia leg of the tour the Aussies were not very nice too him and he almost ended up with egg on his face.  Justin was performing at Sydney, Australia’s city’s Acer Arena Friday night when six eggs were thrown at him from the crowd.  They just missed hitting him.  I guess there are a few un-beliebers in Sydney.  To give Justin credit he did not have a tantrum or get pissed off he backed up let them clean it up and continued the show.

Justin is not finished his Australia tour he has concert in Melbourne, Hindmarsh and Perth scheduled.   I wonder if rather than have metal detectors when people enter his concerts in the future they will they have egg detectors – LOL.  Justin was pretty cool about it check the video below.  Wonder if he would have been as cool if they had hit him – probably not!

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  1. Yu Lee says:

    Just before the egg incident a member of Justin’s team Alfredo Flores (who ripped the sleeves off Justin’s t-shirt) had tweeted #PranksterOnTheLose So he has become the no.1 suspect. This would also explain why Justin didn’t lose his temper, was not pissed off and strangely has not mentioned 1 word about the incident in his tweets!

    A slow motion video shows clearly, the eggs dont come from the crowd, eggs drop down vertically! Its an inside job, done from backstage! Its a very irresponsible prank, as Justin could have slipped & broken bones! Also in general, people keep throwing things at Justin. Now if his OWN team are responsible for throwing eggs its hard not to be a HYPOCRITE when asking the fans not to do the same!

  2. Munch47 says:

    Way to go Sydney.

  3. Elenuzzu says:

    :X love this

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  6. Anonymous says:

    I know a lot of folks who don’t eat eggs (they’re allergic, for health reasons, or concerns about animal cruelty).