Justin Bieber To Meet 9/11 Victim’s Daughter

Justin Bieber To Meet 9/11 Victim's Daughter

I guess when the White House is on the line with a request from President Barack Obama, it’s kind of hard to turn down! At least that’s the lesson teen singer Justin Bieber learned when the Prez was calling with a favor.

Barack met up with a 14-year-old Belieber whose father was killed in the September 11th attacks in New York. Justin was called on the same day by the White House to request a meeting to be arranged with the girl and the Biebz.

Justin Bieber To Meet 9/11 Victim's Daughter

Barack told the girl that he “knows Justin” and that he could arrange the meet and greet. Gossips were already on the prowl saying that the President shouldn’t make promises that he can’t keep.

Now, we’ve learned that Justin was happy about getting the official call and he will definitely meet the girl once he’s back in the States.

Kudos to him for saving the day! God knows we don’t want the President to look like a douche, right?

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