Justin Bieber’s Paternity Test Results

Justin Bieber's Paternity Test Results

Mariah Yeater claims that Justin Bieber is the father of her son, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, Born July 6, 2011. Mariah, 20, has alleged that she became pregnant with Justin’s child following a 30-second sexual encounter after one of his concerts in Los Angeles in October 2010. Justin has denied the claims throughout – saying he never even met his accuser – but agreed to a DNA paternity test just to prove his point and settle the issue once and for all.

The paternity suit Mariah had filed was withdrawn late last week after Mariah’s lawyers Lance Rogers and Matt Pare stopped representing her – but Justin went ahead and had the paternity test anyway on Friday according to his manager Scooter Braun.

Scooter said: “We have a paternity test scheduled for Friday. [Justin] doesn’t mind. He’s like ‘I’m just going to go ahead of it and be fine.'”

So now what about the results of this paternity test? A paternity test to see if a male, Justin in this case, is the father of a boy, Tristyn in this case, makes use of genetic fingerprinting focusing on the Y-chromosome to determine whether the two individuals have a biological parent-child relationship. Genetic, or DNA testing is the most reliable test available and is considered to have better than 99.9% accuracy.

How does this work: The DNA of an individual is almost exactly the same in each and every nonreproductive cell (cells other than sperm cells and ova) of an individual. Sexual reproduction brings the DNA of both parents together randomly to create a unique combination of genetic material in a new cell, so the genetic material of an individual is derived from the genetic material of both their parents in roughly equal amounts. This genetic material is known as the nuclear genome of the individual, because it is found in the nucleus of cells.

Comparing the DNA sequence of an individual to that of another individual can show whether one of them was derived from the other. Specific sequences are usually looked at to see whether they were copied precisely from the father’s genome to the child’s genome.

In testing the paternity of a male child, a comparison of the Y chromosome of the supposed father and son can be used since it this genetic info passed directly from father to son. So if Justin is Tristyn’s dad then Tristyn’s Y chromosomes will be genetically identical to Justin’s!

For the results of Justin’s paternity test to be determined a sample of Tristyn’s cells are required. If Mariah has already provided this then the results will generally be available in 3-10 days.

All things being equal, Justin should have the results of his paternity test this week. But we already know he is NOT Tristyn’s biological daddy. Justin’s team will certainly be eager to make these results known to the public – Mariah’s team… maybe not!

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Image credit to Mr Blue/WENN.com