Life & Style Magazine: Sandra Bullock Obsessed With Being Skinny – Photo

Life & Style Magazine: Sandra Bullock Obsessed With Being Skinny - Photo

According to the October 10th issue of Life & Style Magazine, Sandra Bullock is obsessed with being skinny!

The tabloid is still trying to perpetuate the rumors that Sandra had a steamy romance with hottie Ryan Reynolds, but we’ve never heard confirmation. Still, they’re claiming that Sandra is shrinking in size because of her heartbreak over Ryan finding a new romance.

This brings us to ask: If you were dating/talking to/hooking up with/meeting Ryan Reynolds, wouldn’t you tell the world about it? He’s hot and while they’ve been friends for years, wouldn’t it be feasible to assume that she would be at least admitting something? Anything?

They’re claiming that Sandra has dropped to her lowest weight ever and is now “skin and bones”. While depression could surely be the culprit, we don’t believe that she and Ryan ever had anything except for a close friendship.

What do you think? Is Sandra too skinny? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

P.S. We love the red dress that she’s wearing on the cover.

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  • Michael Francis Ortiz

    i think the devil is punishing her for betraying God

    i think shes that punk-ass LUCIFER and shes either on the road to recovery or parking her ass in the middle of the road as always

    the only reason i even mention any of this is because i have delusinal schizophrenia and this article really speaks to me

    almost as if it directed towards me

    ha ha

    forget her…let her burn in hell
    all hollywood punks will BURN!!!

    p.s. and all politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors…ok not ALL but yu get the drift

    • brianna

      Let her burn in hell? I think you should! Shame on you. >.>
      She’s probably going through a rough time like depression and your joking about this?! I find you completely rude! I have depression myself, and it’s not easy to get through. So stfu! She’s an amazing, inspiring women and I think she deserves all greatness. All people in hollywood are not punks, you havn’t met them they might be real nice people. What do you have against punks anyway? Eff you.

      • Mikeymouse2

        quit being a wuss…ps…i am burning in hell dummy and yu know whut…i actually hate it…it is the opposite of happy or fun but a lot of dummies think for sum reason that a person actually gets used to these fires…passing through a wall of fire 5000 ft thick at a temperature of 5,500 degrees at a high (and specific) rate of velocity is poosible but only if a body does not contain any water…that is unless yu have mastered a way to get around that little factor…

        hey stupid…if yu live in a glass house then don’t throw stones…i CAN BACK UP MY BIG F******* MOUTH SO YUU STFU STUPID B*****!

        pps…yu obviously don’t know anything about sandy bullock…c’mon this is the girl who said “i need a boyfriend with really thick skin because…because I AM JUST SO BLUNT”

        stuff it blondie ;p

      • Mikeymouse2

        i have a very good reason for hating her…one backed up with relevant substantial evidence…EFF yurself because i already know yu have no real reason to loke her other than YU ARE JUST LIKE HER … pyscophant ;p

      • Mikeymouse2

        ps…yeh i have met them dummi…why yu think yu know me…just cause yu might be one of the brown noses on myspace with a million sandra bullock sites or whutever yu gimmick is…tell the truth yur in this for yurself and not her so EFF YURSELF.  i do know and if yu want to debate this in person i wuld be all to happy 2