Natalie Wood Case Solved! (Photo)

Natalie Wood Case Solved!  (Photo)

The current issue of Globe magazine features the cover story ‘Natalie Wood Case Solved.’  The magazine claims 30 years after Natalie Wood‘s shocking death they have the details of how the case has been solved.  They claim to have new evidence from her secrets diaries and how her last words reveal what really happened.   The magazine also suggests that Robert Wagner and Chrisopher Walkin are not telling the truth.

Globe has more: The baffling mystery of Natalie Wood’s death has finally been solved after 30 years with the emergence of a witness who heard the beauty’s final cries. And Natalie also made chilling revelations in a secret diary. Find out what she wrote and how her last words reveal what REALLY happened — only in the new GLOBE.

Meanwhile according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office the new re-opened homicide investigation into Natalie Wood‘s death is a waste of time.  This is because the only crime with which anyone could be charged as a result is first degree murder. The problem is that first degree murder needs to meet certain criteria which are clearly absent in Natalie’s death.

So unless Robert Wagner were to admit that he planned to murder Natalie that night there is no crime with which he can be charged!  This is why the D.A.’s office is calling the investigation futile and a waste of time and resources – a D.A. source says: “It’s an exercise in futility. I just don’t get it.”

Perhaps Globe should speak to the LA County District Attorney about their new evidence.  Somehow I doubt they will!

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