Russell Hantz Turns Out To Be The Survivor Stoolie

Russel Hantz Turns Out To Be The Survivor Stoolie

“Survivor: Redemption Island” contestant Russell Hantz claims he never leaked secrets about the reality series to a fan blog site but emails between Russell and the fan, Jim Early, who posted the show spoilers indicate otherwise.

Jim Early admits publishing spoilers about “Survivor: Samoa,” and “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” both which both featured Russell.  Some of the leaks include how Russell found an immunity idol and that Russell made the final 3 all before the episodes aired.

The emails date from from September and October 2009 when “Survivor: Samoa” was airing were sent  between “The Game” (Jim) and “Hantztankering” (Russell).  Hantztankering is the name of a water tank company Russell owns.

Jim says he initially met Russell through a “Survivor” fan site and after that “he just started telling me what happened on the show.”  Jim claims he’s coming forward with the emails because he’s angry Russell has falsely accused innocent cast members of being the snitch.
So far the ‘Survivor’ show has not made a public statement about this obvious breach of protocol.