The Crew of ‘Two and a Half Men’ Really Miss Charlie Sheen and So Do We!

The Crew of 'Two and a Half Men' Really Miss Charlie Sheen and So Do We!

The ‘Two and a Half Men’ crew are missing Charlie Sheen and so are we.  The production team behind the sitcom – on which Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie after his hard partying lifestyle led to him being fired from the show – miss the way the actor used to joke around with them on set.  They may miss Charlie for that reason, but we miss him because the show sucked without Charlie.  If you missed the premiere catch our RECAP HERE!   We conducted a poll to find out how people liked the show and over 80% either thought it sucked or it was better with Charlie Sheen.

A source said: “Ashton is nice and he tries to do things to get us to like him more and more, but he kind of feels like a step dad.  He might be the best thing for the family, but everyone misses their ‘original dad,’ Charlie.  With Charlie, we knew we could push his buttons and joke around about his personal life all the time. Ashton is all business and doesn’t like to joke around with the guys about his life. It’s off limits.”

The insider added although the cast and crew are very happy with the way the ninth series of the show is going with Ashton in the lead role, they feel Charlie was better at standing up to show co-creator Chuck Lorre for them.

The source added: “Chuck isn’t the easiest guy to work with and Charlie could handle him in a way where the crew wouldn’t get the brunt of it. “But Ashton and Chuck are super friendly with each other, so crossing Ashton is like crossing Chuck.”

After parting with the show Charlie launched a number of personal rants at Chuck, although he has since sobered up and made a full apology to the cast and crew of the show. He also called Ashton’s entrance to the show on Monday (19.09.11) the “best intro for a new a character on a TV show of all time.”

Nice of Charlie to be so kind, but if the show continues the way the premiere went then it will not be around long!

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5 responses to “The Crew of ‘Two and a Half Men’ Really Miss Charlie Sheen and So Do We!”

  1. Shelly says:

    Are you kidding me!! I’m sure they miss the crackhead after working with him for 8 years but  let them think about almost losing their jobs because of him and their thinking will change.

    As far as Ashton goes, this is only the first episode.  Give the kid a chance after all he is not replacing Charlie’s character but bringing in a new one. 

    Once people stop mooning over the fact Charlie won’t be back and move on the show will start to look better.  Either that or stop watching.  Charlie brought this on himself.

  2. suzycreamcheese says:

    speak for yourself.  He was great in Platoon.  Then got millions for walking around saying stuff like “boner”

  3. Acornwood says:

    What BS.  I bet they miss Charlie Sheen for almost costing them THEIR jobs just so they could joke with him?  Looks like Charlie has a lot of unpaid “Goddesses” servicing him.

  4. Olivia says:

    shelly and other posters you are really don’t know what is going on behind the scenes..Chuck Lorre is not mister nice guy and yeah Charlie is funnier and more talented than Ashton Kutcher, you can bitch all you want about his ‘wild life style’ (and how it is affecting you ?) it doesn’t change the truth.
    And by the way how do you know that the Men crew were not paid..Sheen stood up for them more than are really clueless Shelly and co..
    Yeah many of us miss Charlie on this show but now we rea really looking forward to watch his new show, Go Charlie !