True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – ‘If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?’ 7/10/11

True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 Recap - 'If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?'

Last week’s episode of True Blood showed Jason Stackhouse being knocked out by Hotshot residents so that Felton and Crystal could bite him. Their mission? To further the werepanther bloodline.

We also saw Marnie cursing Eric Northman with amnesia and him walking by the side of the road, with no idea as to his identity. (Read our recap here!) Tonight’s episode is titled, “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?” and it may answer some questions that are lingering.


We’re back to the side of the road with Sookie approaching Eric, after he asks why she smells so good. She gets upset, telling him that he knows perfectly well why she smells the way she does. He said she smells like sunlight, wheat and honey.

She runs off after he approaches her car and she gets out and runs. He catches up, chanting the Latin phrases that Marnie used in her spell against him. She says she’ll help him, but he can’t touch or bite her.

Back at the Moon Goddess Emporium, Marnie has no idea what she did to make Eric leave. They suggest calling the cops, but Lafayette disagrees.

Back in Hotshot, Jason is still strapped to the bed, after being bitten by Felton and Crystal. The hillbillies in Hotshot are all gathered by a fire, talking about panther stories. Jason says if Felton is going to kill him, to be a man and do it now. Crystal swears that she’s not going to let Felton kill him. She thanked him for being generous and said once he turns, they’re going to be together.

A couple of guys are sneaking up on a vampire who is feeding on a girl, videotaping her. Bill watches the video with the vampire in his office. Bill tells the vamp that he broke the law and has to suffer the true death as a result. He comforts Jessica after learning that she was unfaithful to Hoyt.

At Sookie’s house, Eric is there and doesn’t remember that it’s his house. She invites him in and calls Pam. Pam arrives immediately. She asks Sookie to take Eric in and Sookie tells her to pay her for babysitting.

Sookie agrees and says she won’t tell Bill, because he’d use it as a reason to kill Eric for the AVL. Eric goes down to his cubby and corners Sookie. She tells him to let her go and he asks her again what she is. He shows his fangs and she walks by.

Jesus, Lafayette and Tara are discussing confronting Eric at Fangtasia, but Tara says he shouldn’t do it. Tara makes Jesus agree to not let Lafayette go there.

Andy and Sam have a fight outside of Merlotte’s and he says to clean the mess up.

Sookie goes to Alcide’s house to ask him to watch Eric for her. He asks if she wants him to kill Eric and she says no, just to watch and hide him. Debbie is there and she and Alcide have gotten back together. She wants to be friends with Sookie.

Maxine is teaching Tommy to read stuff from the television set. She goes to order something from the TV show and Tommy answers the door. A salesman is there looking for Maxine with some scam for natural gas. He tries to up the ante on the guy and takes his card.

In Hotshot, Crystal is talking to Jason, telling her that she’s going to be mama to all of his baby cubs. She says Jason’s true purpose was to keep their race from going extinct. He pleads for a doctor and she says he’s being reborn. She gives him some Viagra and some water and kisses him.

Tara asks Sookie to make things right between Eric and Lafayette, because of the spell Marnie cast on him. Sookie says she hasn’t seen him. Tara explained what happened with Marnie and said she doesn’t want to see Lafayette dead.

Sam offers Tara a place to stay and she declines, telling him that she’s seeing someone. He says that he’s seeing someone too.

Jesus comes out of Merlotte’s, telling Tara that Lafayette is gone. They give chase.

Bill is having dinner with Portia and has left Eric several messages already. Portia offers Bill sex, in addition to their working relationship. He says he could never love her.

At Merlotte’s, Jessica gives the mystery doll to Arlene’s son, Mikey. Tommy tells Sam about the natural gas offer and how Maxine doesn’t know. He said they should buy the house and split the money.

Bill and Portia are having sex back in his mansion. At Sookie’s house, she’s looking for Eric.

At Fangtasia, we see Pam throwing Lafayette around. Tara threatens to shoot Pam. She wants Marnie delivered to her in 24 hours.

Marnie is at the Moon Goddess Emporium casting a spell to be embodied with the spirit of the woman who helped her with Eric’s spell.

Crystal is raping Jason back in Hotshot. He calls her a crazy, hillbilly junkie and she says she loves him. She says they get to be together forever as the whole community watches them do it.

Claudine shows up to get Sookie to go back to Faery with her. Eric shows up and attacks her, draining her dry. She turns to dust and Sookie yells at him for killing her fairy godmother.