Ambulance Called As Gwen Stefani Passes Out And Collapses

Ambulance Called As Gwen Stefani Passes Out And Collapses

Gwen Stefani has collapsed and lost consciousness at an event she attended with her young son. Gwen was at a carnival at Kingston Rossdale’s school when she passed out and collapsed.  An ambulance was immediately summoned for the 42-year-old singer.

Gwen regained consciousness while still at the carnival and was not taken away to hospital.  A security guard reports that the celeb seemed to recover well and did not require further medical attention.

Gwen was told to go home and get some rest – the fact that she was released by the medics implies that she was not deemed to be in any great danger.

Celebuzz reports:

Gwen Stefani gave her children quite a scare when ambulances were called after she had passed out at one of their functions on Sunday. According to X17 Online, Stefani was attending an outdoor carnival at her son Kingston Rossdale‘s school when she had fainted. An ambulance was called for the 42-year-old “Hollaback Girl” singer.

A security guard at the event reported that Stefani was advised to go home and rest. Gwen was driven home by her assistant and did not appear to seek further medical treatment.

On Saturday, the No Doubt lead singer was spotted out and about with her mother in Studio City, Calif,. The two looked to be in great spirits as they grabbed lunch at a local eatery.

We hope Gwen feels better soon and takes good care of herself.  Fainting is a serious symptom and often indicates serious health problems.

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