Anderson Silva Beats Stephan Bonnar: UFC and MMA Polluted With Steroids and Drugs

Anderson Silva Beats Stephan Bonnar: UFC and MMA Polluted With Steroids and Drugs

I guess I’m one of those foolish people that just sort of assumed that if you’re totally juiced up heading into a UFC fight then you’re likely to win the thing.  It might sometimes work out that way but not in the fight between Stephan Bonnar and Anderson Silva that went down last month. Silva won that fight by TKO in spite of the fact that Bonnar was tested after the fight and sure enough, Drostanolone (an anabolic steroid) was found in his system.

Bonnar supposedly retired from the USC after Silva handed him such a huge loss which is probably a good thing. It’s not the first time he tested positive during doping. Back in 2006 a substance was found in his system after UFC 62 fight with Forrest Griffin and he faced suspension and fines.  Griffin had actually won that fight and the match itself is often credited for bringing a multitude of new fans to the sport.

For those you who might not be aware – MMA and the UFC practice the sport of brutally beating people up – trying to turn your opponent into a bloody pulp while you smash their head in.  Sport? Why not just go back to good old days of the gladiators?  It is amazing  and disgusting that it is legal.

Here’s my question, did Bonnar really intend to retire at this stage in his career? He knew he was going to fail the testing and his official announcement of retirement from mixed martial arts came two weeks after the fight with Silva. That leads me to wonder if he was given a heads up on his positive test results and then opted to retire (or was pressured to leave) before punishment was dolled out.

Do you think that the majority of these UFC fighters are juiced up and just cross their fingers and hope that after each fight they’re not pulled for testing? Should the rules be stricter or do you think suspension from doing what they love and being handed a hefty fine is punishment enough?  Do you think it was time for Bonnar to retire? Would he have continued a bit longer if not caught?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Anderson Silva Beats Stephan Bonnar: UFC and MMA Polluted With Steroids and Drugs

  • Abicar

    He had been talking about retiring for awhile you fucktard… Everyone knows that. You clearly don’t pay attention to MMA.

  • Writer, you’re a dumb ass. iBonner was caught jucing after the 2nd forrest fight. Not the 1st in which was the bout that was one of the best fights in UFC history. You credit the 2nd fight with that . that’s where you are wrong. the 2nd fight sucked and Griffin won easily. Not so in the 1st match-up. Get your facts straight before putting crap out there.