Angelina Jolie Wants To Copy Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Royal Wedding (Photo)

Angelina Jolie Wants To Copy Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Royal Wedding (Photo)

Angelina Jolie is going to be a copy-Kate. It seems the reigning queen of Hollywood is looking at England’s newest princess Kate Middleton for inspiration for her wedding to fiance, Brad Pitt.

A source told Star magazine: “Angie is fascinated by Kate, and like the rest of the world she fell in love with her and William when she watched their wedding on TV with Brad and the kids. She would never make her own wedding public and wants a private event on a much smaller scale. But she loved the Britishness of Kate and William’s big day and wants to incorporate some of those very traditional elements into her own ceremony.”

Angelina? Traditional? I buy that Brad Pitt wanting a fairy tale wedding more than Angelina. She eloped with a guy named Billy Bob. Cinderella she is not.

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But apparently the reformed wild child has become mesmerized by Kate Middleton and Prince William from the grace and poise they showed with the whole world watching on their big day down to Kate’s demure yet stunning Alexander McQueen wedding dress. Naturally, Star’s source says she is looking for something similar.

She wants to capture the feel of the fairytale princess and thinks Brad should dress formally, like a prince, too.”

I don’t think Pitt can just rent an Irish Guard uniform. Perhaps a nice Tom Ford suit will suffice instead.

I can see the Jolie-Pitt kids wanting a huge royal wedding. They’re young and I’m sure they watch a lot of Disney movies in that house. And with the royal couple’s wedding still on everyone’s mind, the kids probably have pumpkin carriages and diamond tiaras on the brain.

It’s sweet that Angelina is so engrossed with the decorum and romance of the English wedding. If she steals some small traditions than good for her but I hope she doesn’t copy too much from the royal couple. Anything she does will be special. Doesn’t she know every girl is a princess on her wedding day?


3 responses to “Angelina Jolie Wants To Copy Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Royal Wedding (Photo)”

  1. Karen119 says:

    This is her third wedding (I think) and his second.  They’ve lived together how many years and have how many children and she wants to be a copyKate?  I already THOUGHT she was pretty much off the beaten track.  Now I KNOW she is TOTALLY off her rocker.

  2. Dana Terriah says:

     I agree with you Karen but also think that she should not  try an copy Princess Catherine’s dress  b/c that is one of a kind even if people copy it it won’t be the same .
     Princess Catherine is a very beautiful young women  she is also very good with people you can see that an i hope Princess Catherine and Prince William have a long an happy marriage together as they took the vow to death us do part ,

  3. LTB says:

    I agree, Karen119.  The nerve of this woman, wanting to copy aspects of the Royal Wedding … does Angelina Jolie even believe in marriage?  I have to wonder if she does, because she clearly didn’t respect Jennifer Aniston’s marriage.