Are Paula Deen And Bubba Guilty or Innocent?

Are Paula Deen And Bubba Guilty or Innocent?

Kittykats, I am confused by these Paula Deen & Bubba shenanigans. They are saying that an employee was sexually harassed and racial slurs were swung. Now I myself am a die-hard foodie. I visit different states and send blogs out about their restaurants, and I cook very well. I have been watching Paula Deen from her very first show, when she use to show up at people’s houses and cook meals for them with what they had in their refrigerator.

I’m going to write this article taking no sides. Firstly the woman lives in Atlanta, GA which is I’d say about 65% black, just guessing. In her restaurant there is probably a higher ratio of black employees to any other color. (Please don’t mind me for writing this way, my family is a mixed bag of tricks we have everyone in the rainbow, but I myself am Black/Latino so I can speak on the subject).

So you mean to tell me that this women who just started making real money after the age of 47 yrs. old would put her million dollar business at risk for something so stupid as this, I really don’t think so realistically speaking. We all know Paula is a little flirty and dirty talking, so when I heard a tape this morning where she was supposedly dirty talked on her show I tuned in. A lot was bleeped out, but they usually do that during taping, this must have been the uncut version.

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I didn’t hear or get offended by anything I heard. You know what people can sue for anything, (funny how they don’t sue you when you have no money).  When you are a high profile person you have to be extra careful. Maybe she didn’t get that memo.  Well Paula now you have.

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Alright chickadoodles we have to wait for them to shake the bag and see what falls out and I bet it’s not chicken.

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