Are Prince William And Kate Middleton Refusing To Be Seen With Prince Harry?

Are Prince William And Kate Middleton Refusing To Be Seen With Prince Harry? 0830

Kate Middleton and Prince William were all smiles yesterday at the Paralympics Opening Ceremony in London. Kate recycled a coat. William looked official and fully clothed. All in all it was a good outing. The palace had already declared that Prince Harry would not be present for the ceremony so no one was that surprised when the Cambridges and the Queen held down the royal fort. But if you look at the royals’ schedule for the events, you’ll notice Harry and William are not set to cross paths at any time leaving one to wonder if Will and Kate are freezing Harry out of their lives for awhile.

E! News reports Kate and William will attend goalball and track cycling today and Kate will also go solo to swimming later on. She’s set to be back on Sunday to watch some other stuff but William will be a no show. He had to skip out early during the last go around because of work so maybe more of the same? Harry will take over next week, conveniently filling in on Monday where he’ll watch Aquatics (anyone else see the irony) and will also attend a charity event. This is all in stark contrast to the lovey-dovey threesome that transfixed the world just a month ago, no? In fact, William and Harry were near inseparable during the Olympics. So what could have happened between then and now that would make such a huge difference? Ah, naked photos/sex tape/possible cocaine usage anyone!

This is totally surprising to me. I figured the royal PR machine would do everything in its power to glue those three together for as many events as possible – or at least Kate and Harry. If the world saw Kate giggling and rolling her eyes at her rascally brother-in-law then they’d know he was out of the royal dog house and get back to business. If anything, I think the fact that he’s not there with Kate and William will cause people to talk more. So who’s decision was it to keep Harry away? Could it have been William’s? It was wildly reported he wasn’t too thrilled with his younger brother’s partying in Vegas and perhaps he isn’t too keen on the handlers using his wife to clear up his brother’s image – especially if a video is yet to surface. Think about it. Pictures of Harry are all over the internet along with scandalous stories. What pictures would most media sites like to use more – pics of Harry or pics of Harry and Kate? Kate naturally! She’s the bigger draw! So maybe William isn’t in a huge hurry to read a headline like “Harry Disgraces The Monarchy Again! Prince Had A Threesome In A Las Vegas Hot Tub” with a picture of Kate and Harry cheering on the swimming team underneath it. True, there are plenty of pics of Kate getting all googly-eyed with Harry but nothing that recent. Maybe William wants to keep it that way.

Or, the young royals could just be really busy and couldn’t get their schedules to coincide for the paralympics. That’s just as plausible. But Harry doesn’t strike me as particularly busy right now. Isn’t he on house arrest? He’s not doing any military things. And Kate is nothing if not a team player. If Harry asked her to help a brother out and throw him some love, she would. No… there’s some distance being created here. I just wonder how long William will keep the freeze going. Will he wait until Kate’s pregnant and ready to announce it? Or will Prince Harry’s video forever ruin William and Harry’s goals of sharing the royal load together?

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