Kate Middleton And Prince Harry Flirt As They Welcome Olympic Torch (Photos)

Kate Middleton And Prince Harry Flirt As They Welcome Olympic Torch (Photos) 0727

Maybe Prince William should start standing in between Kate Middleton and Prince Harry at major events because those two can’t stay away from each other or keep their eyes off each other! Yesterday, the three young royals fulfilled their roles as London Olympics Ambassadors and welcomed the Olympic Torch outside Buckingham Palace. It went smoothly. The torch was passed. Kate looked amazing in a pair of blue skinny leggings that NO ONE else would be able to pull off (I hate her). But, yet again, Kate and Harry couldn’t contain themselves. They were all about each other as William handled the royal duty for the three of them.

Look, I’m just as annoyed with the Kate Middleton loves Prince Harry stories as the rest of you, but I thought she got a royal talking to the last time she and Harry acted up in front of the cameras. William was supposed to have been furious and I’m sure he’s going to be again when he sees these pics. They probably mean nothing. Kate and Harry are friends but damn Kate! Tone that sh-t down when the WHOLE WORLD is watching!

Hey, I’m not sensationalizing here. Look at the pics. Try telling me she’s not undressing him with her eyes. Do I blame her? Of course not. I would do the same – just maybe not as the Olympic Torch was running straight towards me for the ceremonial exchange!

The papers are saying the fact that William, Harry and Kate were the representatives at Buckingham Palace is a good indication of the heavy, important role they’re going to play in the Olympics. They’ve got a pretty packed schedule so we’ll see them a lot in the next two weeks so let’s see if her behavior changes. Remember, last time Kate was called out for flirting with Harry, the three went to a wedding right after and she was keen not to be pictured next to him. So, let’s watch and see what the palace does.

On a much funnier note, did you watch the video of the event? I’ve posted it below. It’s adorable. I have no idea where their handlers were but after the torch was passed, Kate, William and Harry had no idea what to do. You can tell Kate asked the princes if they should go out and say hello to the fans. William looked confused and Harry just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “I don’t know! No one tells me anything! I’ve got beer waiting inside!” William made the executive decision to just go back inside but cutely told Kate to turn around and wave which she dutifully did. It was just adorable to see them have no idea what they were doing without the Queen or someone telling them! It’s around the 1:28 mark. I love Kate’s GB shirt. Can I get one even if I’m not British?

OK, am I making something out of nothing? Look at the pics! Are Kate and Harry too close yet again?



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