Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography Total Recall Sells Out Kennedys And Sells Out In Their Own Backyard!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography Total Recall Sells Out Kennedys And Sells Out In Their Own Backyard!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new book has just added insult to injury to Maria Shriver and the extended Kennedy clan. Total Recall, the biography that Schwarzenegger penned to come clean with his life’s short comings, has just sold out in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. This seaside New England town is Kennedy sacred ground. It’s been the place of retreat for the generations of this bloodline. Many a storm has been weathered behind the walls of this compound and it appears Arnie has just given them another one to ride out.

Apparently the residents in Hyannis Port are very interested in what the actor turned governor turned writer has to say. It looks like they are inquisitive on just how scorned Maria Shriver should be after getting a look at how Schwarzenegger treated his wife for decades. Hyannis Port to the Kennedy’s is like Disneyland to the late Walt Disney, the two go hand and hand. The book sold-out in presales, so they appear to be chomping at the bit to read what the former muscle man has to say in this high falutin neck of the woods.

The walls of that compound have absorbed many a scandal in the past with Arnold’s book being more on the lighter side of those events. The scandals that have been hashed out inside the Kennedy compound in the past have stayed within the confines of those walls, as this Irish-Catholic family has kept the family secrets notoriously under wraps.

It could be that Schwarzenegger, who infiltrated the family years ago, is seen as a Kennedy first to step out of that web of secrecy to dish up something of substance from an insider’s view. While it goes without saying that it is most likely the almighty dollar that drives Schwarzenegger’s conscience to let this information flow freely, it’s still a take on something Kennedy from one of their own.

The Terminator is in the midst of a talk-show circuit tour and he’s leaving a trail of people in his wake with a bad taste in their mouth from what he’s been feeding them. His 60 Minutes interview alone washed away any thoughts that Schwarzenegger coming clean was a breath of fresh air. It just showed how screwed up he really is when it comes to weeding through his own personal behaviors.

Schwarzenegger talked about all the pain he caused his wife and his family by having a child with the housekeeper, but he did it in a way that didn’t take his love child’s feelings into consideration. Commentators nationwide have jumped on this, as it seemed to demonstrate how this muscle man truly lacks compassion.

Needless to say Maria Shriver is furious about this book. Her friends have come to her defense calling Arnold a “liar” after telling the world that Maria knew of his other flings. He made his ex look a bit pathetic hanging in there with him while he was dishing out heartbreak after heartbreak.

Schwarzenegger actually had nicer things to say about the housekeeper who had his child than he did about Maria while on 60 Minutes. He claims Mildred Baena “is a good person” and he just knew she’d never reveal their indiscretion.  You know Mildred is an especially good person, the type who provides sexual favors for their employer’s husband…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography Total Recall Sells Out Kennedys And Sells Out In Their Own Backyard!

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