BasketBall Wives Tami Roman Fakes An Apology To Kehsa Nichols

BasketBall Wives Tami Roman Fakes An Apology To Kehsa Nichols

Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman bites the bullet and apologizes – sort of but not really – for her bullying on Kesha Nichols.  Well after my last article on Tami Roman from Basketball Wives apparently a lot of other viewers agreed with me. Tami Roman’s Twitter has blown up with an outcry of people calling her a bully.

After seeing Monday night’s episode where Tami verbally abused Kesha Nichols and took her pocketbook so she could apologize to her, it was all too much for the public to take. Evelyn Lozada her co-star on the show even started crying herself when she saw the poor girl shaking after taking a tongue lashing from Tami.

This is all so stupid and so unnecessary! Tami has finally come out with a public apology on her Facebook. She said “it is her responsibility to acknowledge that a mistake was made and she apologizes to her family, real friends and also her cast members who might have been on the receiving end of her wrath.

That is a short version of what she said, but excuse me can I turn around two times did I miss something, she didn’t say ‘I apologize to you Kesha for the way I acted.’ All the rest of that garble sounds like someone wrote it from PR. Tami you say you’re a “down” chica, but if I was Kesha I wouldn’t think you were apologizing to me only try to save your own face. Tami call that mija and tell it to her or leave it on the answering machine it’s more sincere. Lord these B’s are not easy.

4 responses to “BasketBall Wives Tami Roman Fakes An Apology To Kehsa Nichols”

  1. Cassie says:

    Sorry it should have been face to face,heart felt apology. Nothing less. Ms.Roman is not capable. The way she went about it tells it all, she went out of her way not to mention Kesha’s name. She is not sorry for what she did.

  2. SorryForKesha says:

    A forced apology, no doubt. Her PR people probably told her that if she wanted to try to save her career (whatever that may be) that she better issue an apology. Being the sociopath that she is, this is the best she can do. A sociopath is never sorry for anything they do because they don’t feel anything. Her “moment of reflection” on the show that they keep writing about, simply her waking up with a hangover and trying to come down off of it. I doubt she feels any sympathy for Kesha, just trying to salvage her life and make her kids not hate her.

  3. Lillian West says:

     I think Tami was verbally abusive to her daughters when they were growing up because she gets so upset over the smallest things. I also think Tami’s internet presence is CLEARLY written and monitored by a publicist in a desperate attempt to create the illusion of a positive fan base by omitting negative comments and flooding her websites with smoke screens to try and ignore/erase the incident with Kesha.  I think some of the positive comments about Tami are from paid fake fans in an attempt to make the public forget her latest horrific actions. People please do not be fooled by the work of a publicist writing and controlling these sites not TAMI to clean up her image and keep a positive cash flow for them and their client. Tami needs help before someone gets killed.