Before And After Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Photos!

Before And After Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Photos! 1029

Kim Kardashian is known for her famous assets, and a sex tape among many other things, but can you believe her junk in the trunk is possibly man made? Yes! It’s madness! But photos surfaced today of Kim Kardashian posing before she had plastic surgery and it’s not pretty.

And I’m not so sure if it’s Kim either. MediaTakeOut has the photos so you can check them out there. They feature a chick (with her head conveniently cut off) in a series of pictures before going under the knife. What do you think of the body? Could it be Kimmy? My immediate reaction was hells no. For starters, it looks old, right? But we’re supposed to assume that Kim had ass implants? Hasn’t she always had that ass though? And doesn’t she always seem embarrassed of it when she’s in a bikini? She’s always wearing a towel to cover it up from the photogs. I just can’t believe she had it surgically altered but I also didn’t think she’d get engaged to Kanye West before being divorced from Kris Humphries so what do I know. I will say the boobs like like hers. She does have a great pair.

In other Kim Kardashian ass news, in a special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family remembers a time when Kanye just lusted after Kim from afar. Apparently Kanye was around while Kim filmed her music video Jam (Turn It Up) and Kris caught Kanye looking too close and said: “Don’t be looking at her ass”. Nice. I’m sure this clip is Kim’s way of proving to the world that she and Kanye were destined for each other from the very beginning. So, if these plastic surgery photos are real, then it was definitely money well spent!

What do you make of the before and after Kim Kardashian plastic surgery photos? Is Kim the woman in the  picture? Do you believe Kim had ass implants or has she just had loads of other stuff done?


3 responses to “Before And After Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Photos!”

  1. west says:

    puta gorda

  2. Rhys Branman says:

    Who knows what work she had done? If it is good work it should be subtle. Only I history of photographs at the proper angles would be telling.

    Dr. Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

  3. kanye west says:

    who cares