Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Choose Baby Names

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Choose Baby Names

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married in a surprise ceremony that caught almost everyone off guard and led immediately to rumors that the Gossip Girl might be pregnant.  A shotgun wedding fits right into the gossip world’s idea of a good story and Celeb Dirty Laundry was right on the possibility that Blake’s pregnancy triggering the wedding.  Then there were the side stories related to the sudden wedding – like how poor Scarlett Johansson might feel about knowing her ex-husband was happily hitched without being invited to witness the nuptials.

We speculated that Ryan had informed Scarlett and that her subsequent jejune display of PDA with Jared Leto at the DNC was a consequence.  Scarlett just had to let the world know how great her life was going and how deeply in love she is.  Of course for a chick who dated Sean Penn, kissing Jared Leto must really be a pleasure.  Not only is Sean ‘I love Brutal Dictators’ Penn crazy, but he’s ugly as well.

But back to Blake and Ryan.  Our gossip kingpin, Mike Walker, reveals in National Enquirer’s October 1st print edition, that the new couple have already chosen baby names!

Squeeled a source close to Bridezilla: “Blake and Ryan had this fabulous storybook wedding in Charleston, South Carolina, and they’ve already let it slip that if their first baby’s a boy, they’d love to call him… Charleston!  And if it’s an adorable little girl… Carolina!”

Oohhh, that’s just sooo darling y’all!  Just know there’s a Grand Old Southern Tradition of boys naughtily singin’ to girls with that name: “Nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina…!”

Looks like Mr. Walker doesn’t approve of Carolina as a name choice and that he’s warning Blake and Ryan of a possible consequence.

Is Blake Lively pregnant?  Is it likely that The Enquirer knows the baby names which the couple prefer – the same couple who managed to keep their wedding secret from the world until after it was over? What do you think?

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