Britney Spears Looking Stunned Tweets Sexy Bikini Photo (Video)

Britney Spears Looking Stunned Tweets Sexy Bikini Photo (Video)

Britney Spears has jumped on the Twitter money making band wagon and just tweeted a new, sexy bikini pic for her 20 million followers to ogle.  She’s decked out in a tiny green floral suit and her body looks great as she shows fans how she intends to spend the last hot days of summer. The singer has clearly been hitting the gym hard lately and looks much fitter now that she is set to be seen each week on X Factor U.S.’s live shows beginning in October.

Here’s the thing, it’s Britney in this photo, but it’s not THE Britney Spears that we all loved years ago.  That girl was bubbly and happy. She lived in the moment even when on camera and came across as genuine – or as genuine as a teen in the limelight ever could. She loved the interviews, performances and candid moments that cameras just so happened to catch. You could see it in her eyes.

This is not the same person. She looks uncomfortable in front of the camera that used to love her. After 15 years of celebrity Britney should instinctively know how to pose without even thinking about it. While her body looks great, this woman looks like a deer in headlights. She doesn’t strike me as very comfortable in her own skin. At least not here.

I know that Britney has gone through a lot and now seems to do as she’s told when it comes to her own life and how she lives it.  Photos like this make me wonder, if she had control over things would she be a bag of nuts all over again, or would we get a grown up, wiser Britney circa 1998?  Tell us what you think of Britney nowadays in the comments below!

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