Report: Camilla Parker-Bowles To Blame for Kate Middleton’s Topless Photo Scandal – She Leaked The Location!

Report: Camilla Parker-Bowles To Blame for Kate Middleton’s Topless Photo Scandal – She Leaked The Location!

We’ve done our research and come to a startling conclusion: it was Prince William’s own stepmother, scheming Camilla Parker-Bowles, who was ultimately responsible for Kate Middleton’s topless and bottomless nude photo scandal!  When French Closer Magazine shocked the world and shamed the Duchess of Cambridge by publishing her topless nude photos everyone wondered how the paparazzi were able to track down Will and Kate to their secret vacation spot.  Nobody outside of the palace and top French authorities were meant to be aware that the royal couple, the future heirs to the British Throne, were enjoying what they believed to be a secret and private vacation at the estate of Queen Elizabeth’s nephew, Lord Linley, in Provence.  So it was with shock horror that Kate and Will learned that they’d been secretly photographed in various states of undress and the photos were sold and going to be displayed all over the world.

Subsequent investigation failed to uncover the palace snitch but in light of recent developments we have come across a theory that needs airing.  As reported in this week’s GLOBE, Queen Elizabeth is seriously ill and could be dying.  Despite the official line that recent absences from public appearances are due to her Majesty’s ‘chronic back pain,’ palace insiders revealed to GLOBE that Elizabeth’s heart is failing.  The insiders insist that the Queen is suffering from chronic shortness of breath and in deteriorating health may not live much longer.  This means that the matter of whether to allow Prince Charles or his more capable and popular son, Prince William, to ascend the throne weighs heavily on her Majesty’s mind.  Evil Camilla was well aware of this pending transition of power and would do anything to be Queen consort, anything at all…

Camilla hates Kate with a passion and the feeling is mutual. We have explained at length that Camilla and Kate have waged an internecine war leading to Prince Philip demanding that William be made the next King in the place of Charles.  Camilla knew her only chance to beat back the rising favor of Kate and Will in his grandparent’s eyes was to discredit Kate.  Since William’s behavior is above reproach Camilla’s only potential target was Kate.  Camilla needed to render Kate an embarrassment to the Royals, making William ineligible to replace his father and her husband as heir to the Throne.

Sources suggest that when Camilla learned that Will and Kate were heading off to France to vacation at Lord Linley’s she discreetly informed certain paparazzi.  Cruel Camilla knew that if compromising photos of her arch rival could be snapped and published that the scandal would cause the Queen’s admiration and respect for Kate to vanish.  Let’s be serious here – Queen Elizabeth II does not approve of topless sunbathing nor changing one’s bottoms in view of one’s husband on the sundeck!!!

Camilla’s nasty betrayal worked.  Kate was humiliated, William enraged, and Camilla is laughing all the way to the bank, so to speak.  Of course this story is not over yet.  Camilla now faces the redoubled wrath of Kate and Will.  Let’s see what they can come up with to get back at the wrinkly old rhino.

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  • misspriss

    I wouldn’t think Charles would ever speak to Camilla again, if she did such a thing…I hope the Queen follows her husband’s wishes , and bypasses a generation. I would also suspect Lord Linley himself, as the “leaker”.

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  • Emmie Faison

    camilla is one old evil old mean old demonic old woman she is doing what she was put on this earth to do be a trone in some one side I wish she was not sneeky and be a good old woman.