4 responses to “CDL Exclusive: Meet Brianna The Girl Who Caused Kelly Osbourne To Have A Twitter Meltdown”

  1. Ben Arrowood says:

    Kelly wouldn’t win a beauty contest. She looks too much like her father. He even said so himself-“I wish that my kids looked a little more like her (referring to his wife, Sharon).”

  2. Seriously though? says:

    Seriously…? Is this what your flop blog has to resort to? Kelly didn’t say anything mean about Gaga and always praises her. The problem is “Little Monsters” are actually “Little Psychos” and took a harmless comment as ~*such a brutal attack*~ against ~*Mother Monster*~ for a celeb who says love over hate, it seems her fans remain as ignorant as ever. Kelly isn’t a hypocrite, she dishes what she can take (does no one remember how she kept telling Xtina fans to send her hate? Oh, right, you don’t.) So in reality, Brianna is the hypocritical bitch. XX

    • Renier says:

      You have it all wrong. Kelly didn’t say ANYTHING about Gaga. Kelly didn’t even mention Gaga… Please get your facts straight before you start referring to CDL as a flop blog. I don’t see you having a top rated entertainment site.

    • Laura says:

      The argument had nothing to do with Gaga in the beginning. If you read the entire argument, Kelly brought Gaga up, not Brianna.