• jodia

    pretty much every time I try to parallel park it is embarassing

  • Err, I don’t have a license. So my embarassing parallel parking story is that I never even tried to perform this manuever.

  • bn100

    No embarrassing story to tell.

  • Katy Morris

    Ugh! If you can believe it, I came *this* close to not getting my drivers license because I parallel parked so poorly. It used to take me forever and I would end up soooo far from the curb. I was mortified while taking my test! I’m much better at it now because I live where I HAVE to do it all of the time.

  • Elizabeth C.

    The few times that I’ve attempted parallel parking was horrible. I could never get the car all the way against the edge of the space in three steps. I would always need to move in and out a couple times before I could fully get it right versus the experts that seem to easily get it in three steps. There isn’t any embarrassing stories to tell except one time I gave up and got out of the car and let my friend do it for me lol. Otherwise, I avoid parallel parking when I could.