Report: Clint Eastwood and Wife Dina Ruiz Eastwood Separate – Divorce Looms

Report: Clint Eastwood and Wife Dina Ruiz Eastwood Separate – Divorce Looms

Clint Eastwood, famous for his starring role in Million Dollar Baby and nearly everything in Hollywood that is taken seriously, may be parting ways with wife of 16 years Dina Ruiz Eastwood. Ruiz, an American reporter, news anchor, recently added reality star to her business cards with the premier of Mrs. Eastwood & Company on the E! network this year. And, why shouldn’t she? After almost two decades of being happily married, why not test the strength of your relationship by having its most intimate details aired on a network known for airing every bowel movement taken by the Kardashians and churning out True Hollywood Stories a record speed.

But did the lovely Ruiz really believe that the star of Gran Torino would allow his entire life to be filmed as part of a reality television program? Eastwood is about as legit as Hollywood gets. If there were a line drawn between celebs who are willing to do reality television and those who aren’t, Eastwood would be captain of the “I don’t think so.” team. So, how did Dirty Harry end up here?

It began with his marriage to Ruiz in a private ceremony in Las Vegas in 1996. The couple has one child together, Morgan Eastwood, born in December of 1996. This was Eastwood’s second marriage. The couple has been separated and living apart for some time, but Mrs. Eastwood & Company may be the final piece of the divorce puzzle.

According to sources at The National Enquirer, “Clint Eastwood is secretly living apart from his much-younger wife Dina Ruiz.” The couple had been having troubles, but have recently “been arguing over her reality show.” Eastwood was reportedly, “deeply embarrassed that Dina was dragging his private life into a sleazy reality TV show, and they started fighting over it.”

With the cancellation of Mrs. Eastwood and Company and reports that Eastwood has been seen without his wedding ring, including at the Monterey Jazz Festival where he was spotted with a mystery woman while watching his son’s band, the couple is more than likely reaching its end, and it is going to be interesting to see the fallout surrounding Eastwood’s more than $375 million fortune.

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6 responses to “Report: Clint Eastwood and Wife Dina Ruiz Eastwood Separate – Divorce Looms”

  1. He should have stayed with the red head…or that blonde woman he starred with. Or his first wife.

  2. Marcia says:

    he’s a redneck racist anyway, and his much younger multi-racial wife dina should have have see n through this before she agreed to marry him!. I hope she takes “Dirty Harry” to the cleaner’s!. Stay away from old racist redneck’s like Clint, and be much happier for it. Never liked him, especially after he appeared on tv in support of another hate monger mormom cult devil Mitt Romney!. Good Luck to you Dina, sorry your daughter has abigot for a father!.

  3. Booboo says:

    sad for his family. once a philanderer, always one apparently. even at 82!

  4. Janet Hobbs says:

    I wouldn’t leave him if I were her. He is who he is, and that would be enough for most women.