Clint Eastwood and Dina Eastwood Separate – Dina Moves Out! (Photos)

Clint Eastwood and Dina Eastwood Separate – Dina Moves Out! (Photos)

A 35-year age difference is bound to cause stress on a marriage, so we can hardly blame Dina Eastwood for moving out from mega star actor Clint Eastwood’s home. National Enquirer reports in the December 24, 2012 print edition that the couple are secretly living apart while they pursue separate interests since their passion sizzled out after 16 years of marriage. Dina has returned to KSBW News, an NBC affiliate, as a co-anchor in Monterey, California. Dina, 47, is looking to add to her plate of fame, while Clint has been fighting her about work. Dina landed a reality show on E! called Mrs. Eastwood & Company, and Clint is done playing the game.

A close family source told National Enquirer, “Everyone involved with Dina’s show was well aware that she and Clint were not always together. It was common knowledge they were no longer always living together. In my opinion, it’s been a marriage in name only for a while. They’re both moving on with their lives.” Could a Clint Eastwood divorce be on the horizon? I mean, it starts with separate bedrooms, then houses, then schedules. At what point do separate schedules become separate lives? The two have 15-year-old daughter Morgan in common, but Dina’s life is just starting while Clint is looking for a nice chair and is doing fewer and fewer films.

Dina taking the anchoring gig seems to be one of the last few nails in the coffin. A pal explains, “Dina really missed anchoring the news and plans on doing it a lot more especially now that she and Clint seem to be going in different directions. I think she wants to make a life of her own again, apart from Clint.”

I hear divorce bells! The two want totally different things, the best they can do now is divorce before it gets emotionally ugly, keep things nice for daughter Morgan, and move on! We’re sure Clint doesn’t want to be alone at his age, but he can always make guest appearances on Saturday Night Live or have a chat with a chair if he misses the human companionship!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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