Comedian Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee and Acts Like a Total Fool!

Comedian Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee and Acts Like a Total Fool!

Famous comedian Katt Williams is just cutting up and acting like a fool! I just do not understand. He was “escorted” by the police from the Courtyard Marriott in Seattle after being released from jail last night, December 3rd, after a bar altercation. They did not arrest him, just guided him off of the premises.

Who bailed him out of jail you ask? Well, no other than Suge Knight. Now, when you follow the industry, chicas, there’s no hiding the fact that Suge has had his fare share of run-ins of law enforcement. Apparently Suge has turned over a new leaf and has even been trying to help Mr. Williams with his alleged drug induced performances by taking him off of the stage when necessary. Who knew that Suge could be a nurturer. Aw!

Mr. Williams told KOMO news photographer that he was going to put a bid in for a Washington State Ferry Rhododendren for $301,000 in cash so that he and his family could live on it. Oh! He is also suing Seattle for $50 million dollars for — guess what? — defamation of character as a father, a black man, and a citizen! Did I miss the bus? When does a public figure such as a comic get excluded from cause and the effects of his or her actions?

This bobocito needs to get a clue in a big way. On top of all this, Mr. Williams also had an altercation at Target of all places. He slapped an employee and left on a scooter of all things! I think that is going too far. No one has the right to hit anyone no matter who you are. He is off the rails! Then he says he is going to retire. What I think he needs is just a long break. Mr. Williams is a very good comedian; he just needs to get a little rest and rehab if necessary. God Speed, mijo!

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