Controlling Robert Pattinson Keeps Kristen Stewart On A Crazy Short Leash

robert control

Robert Pattinson is paranoid, but not the paranoid CIA-chasing-me kind, more like my-GF-is-a-cheater kind. According to Star magazine, print edition December 3rd,  Pattinson is keeping Stewart on a “short leash.” Why would one keep a creature on a short leash? Well, according to the magazine, Pattinson “still doesn’t trust her” and he is “determined to keep her from hurting him again.

The magazine also alleges that the hand-holding at the London premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 made Stewart as uncomfortable as a nun at a Kim Kardashian media junket. “Kristen went along with it, but she truly hates it. Rob had Kristen on 24-hour surveillance these days; if she steps out line, he knows about it. If he can’t be with her, he has her chaperoned by a friend. She has to check in with him several times a day, and he’s even demanded access to her phone and her email,” the source explains. Dude, we’re not trying to sound like Dr. Phil (no one wants to sound like Dr. Phil), but don’t you think that’s a bit borderline obsessive? That’s the kind of behavior that goes down before someone cries in the kitchen sink and blames sunflowers for “speaking in tongues.”

Stewart’s friends also feel the same way we do, because according to them, they believe “that her new role in the relationship is unhealthy.” Duh! No shiz Sherlock! These two just need to get over baking drama cookies in the sun and move on from this dysfunctional relationship. We doubt it’s boding well for their mental stability in the long run, and as we know, Stewart is not the most stable person in the world. The Fatal Attraction between these two dimwits will have both of them boiling bunnies in no time! Hey, what’s a dysfunctional relationship without pissing off PETA?

Do you think it’s the truth? Do you think Pattinson is really overly paranoid? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

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