Demi Moore Freezes Her Face To Get Ashton Kutcher Back (Photos)

Demi Moore is Freezing Her Face To Get Ashton Kutcher Back

It’s pretty old news that an always desperate Demi Moore will do nearly anything to try and turn back time. She absolutely hates the fact that she’s not young, not hot and not at the height of her career like, say, Mila Kunis!  Demi eats twigs and berries, lives at the gym and assorted plastic surgeons are very good friends with her. All of that isn’t enough for the 50 year old actress either!  She was recently seen leaving the Cryo Healthcare Clinic in LA and do you know what they do there? They have a multitude of treatments including a facial freeze.  Has Demi gotten to the point that she’s now trying to freeze her face in place? Isn’t that what botox is for?

According to Now Magazine, Demi wants to find a man who is more mature than Ashton Kutcher, a guy with real integrity. But Demi, WTF would such a man want with a shallow phony like you? Oh ya, your money!

Apparently someone told her that the way to find an honest man is to falsify every physical aspect of yourself! I also have a hard time thinking that Demi is really looking for a new guy when she is still so obviously hung up on Ashton.  Of course she could be delusional enough to think she can make Ashton jealous.

The former couple separated a year ago and Demi is rumored to be dragging her feet on the divorce front out of pure spite. She hates that Ashton appears so happy with Mila and is just refusing to let him go. That is not a woman ready to move on and find new love. I suspect she is still trying to appear younger for Ashton in the hopes of winning him back.

Will freezing her face really accomplish anything?  Maybe if Demi quit working so hard on her appearance and started to focus on her special brand of insecure she’d have better luck! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

50 year old actress Demi Moore trying to cover her face as she is seen arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on November 17, 2012.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet