Emily Maynard Fights Daughter Ricki Hendrick’s Grandparents – Custody Battle Looms

Emily Maynard Fights Daughter Ricki Hendrick's Grandparents - Custody Battle Looms

Emily Maynard may have started her season of The Bachelorette with family values and morally ordered priorities, but that quickly changes when she got a taste of fame. The young mom even took her daughter Ricki Hendrick on location, and sent home contestant Kalon McMahon after he referred to her daughter as baggage. But since her time in the spotlight, Emily has had time at home to think about what matters most, and after several months with Ricki in North Carolina, has decided that abandoning her family for fame is the best option. Now, Emily is facing the wrath of Ricki’s paternal grandparents Rick and Linda Hendrick, who are worried that Hollywood won’t be a healthy place for 7-year-old Ricki to live.

A source close to the grandparents reported to Radar Online: “[They] are concerned that Emily is putting her own thirst for fame before the best interests of her daughter, and that as Ricki isn’t able to have her father in her life it is even more important for her to be surrounded by close family and that obviously wouldn’t be the case if shew as moved . . . They believe it is important for a child to be installed with a strong set of morals and to enjoy a stable upbringing and they are worried that’s not the case right now as Emily appears more concerned with making it big than being a mom.”

The justifiably concerned grandfather “approached one of Ricki’s teachers and personally asked for his granddaughter’s behavior to be watched, because he was deeply concerned with how Emily’s choices were affecting his granddaughter.”  The poor grandparents!  They see how Emily’s greed and famewhoring are damaging their son’s child and it makes them sick. Ricki gets bounced from one of her mom’s showmances to another, unable to form bonds and develop naturally. The problem the Hendricks face is that wherever Emily lives she will still be Emily.

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